Upcycling Goals

Right now, me and Nelli are discussing our plans to move in together in 6 months.  It’s really exciting to discuss our future plans.  So you may be asking..ok so why is there a picture of a dresser?  Well, 1.) I’ve posted every picture of us 2.) it does tell a story. I bought this dresser my senior […]

Highway 1

Monterrey and big sur road trip during thanksgiving 2013. We were originally planning on going to Tahoe but Nelli needed to plan for going back to India. We decided to go on a road trip along highway 1 since that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. We headed out really late due to me…so not […]

Vegan Thanksgiving

First thanksgiving dinner together!  We scoured every recipe on vegan websites and went to Sprouts to pick up a boatload of ingredients the day of.  We had a four course meal which took approximately 5 hours to make.  Thank god we started early.  The courses were butternut squash with cranberry pear wild rice stuffing, maple […]