Bay to Breakers

A really popular activity in San Francisco is Bay to breakers.  It’s a 15K “race” where everybody gets dressed up in costumes.  I call it a “race” because it’s basically an excuse to get drunk and parade through downtown SF in ridiculous outfits.  Some people don’t even finish the race but of course Nelli had to but I think we almost came in last place :p  Nelli proposed the idea to all of his friends that we should go but as usual, I was the only one who said I would go.  Nelli takes his costume choice very seriously so I think in total we went to 2 costume stores and finally went as bacon and egg hehe.  Nelli believes we could have done better.  You would think that since we had matchy couple costumes we were together but that was still in the works.  The day of the race we almost missed our train because the night before Nelli had a semi-party at his place.  He showed up at my door in jeans haha I thought that was funny.  I had tons of alcohol in my bad and I wasted no time getting drunk.  It was great because I got to lean on Nelli for most of the race 🙂  He thinks I was way out of it but I knew what I was doing.  We took a couple breaks at a beach to rest and stopped to take a picture at this random waterfall in the park.  There were so many people in downtown sf it was awesome, it was one huge block party.  I’m glad we got to experience the craziness together.

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