Small Gestures

I was so excited about these gloves that Nelli gave me I actually posted this very picture on instagram.  It came as a complete surprise during the time we were diligently working out 3 times a week after work.  I was going to my friend’s lake house in 3 months and I wanted to look great in a swimming suit.  Nelli took it upon himself to be my personal trainer and we were dedicated to going to the gym.  Looking back, I can’t believe we headed to the gym after 2nd shift…I would probably get home at around 12am or 12:30.  I was complaining that my hands were getting so rough from lifting weights that he took it upon himself to get me gloves.  Nelli’s dedication to my goals was really sweet and we weren’t even going out at this time.


We were good buddies at this point. Francesca had been wanting to strength train but did not have the adequate workout gloves. I decided to surprise her by giving her these gloves. Was glad I got the size right. “No excuses” – That’s my workout motto. Don’t ask me why I did this. Think I was slowly getting attracted to her. 🙂 This evolved into a phase when I and Francesca were regulars at the gym. Good times. For me life is all about moments. This made up for one such pivotal moment in our relationship.

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