Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Cambodia

Just a snippet of Cambodia…where do I even begin? I’ll just give a brief summary. We were planning this trip for what seems like forever…even before we started going out. I wanted to go the week of our anniversary so it would be more special but in retrospect that was a bad idea because Nelli had major visa issues when we came back to San Fran. Finally the day came…I was anxious but I was flying with an expert traveler. One thing I should do better next time is pack lighter and dress for the occasion. My duffel bag was filled to the brim and it was so heavy and difficult to travel around. Also a lot of the places were temples and wanted people to be dressed conservatively. Of course I brought all my cute tanks and shorts…so I had to wear tshirts and jeans which made me super hot…sigh. Oh and another thing I would bring hairspray and some oil wipes because of the humidity…I know #girlproblems. Anyway, we came into the Capitol which is pnomh penh and our tour guide got started right away. A few things I noticed is everybody was really poor I saw a lot of homeless people living on the streets. There was just a lot of activity in general very hustle and bustle. There were also a lot of motorcycles and way too much crazy driving. We visited a lot of markets and did some successful bargaining for gifts. We saw a lot of other tourists which was cool. The weather was great a little sunny but mostly overcast. We couldn’t see the palace because there was some political tension which made me nervous.

After about two days in the Capitol we took a 6 hour bus ride to Siem reap where Angkor wat is…the main attraction of our trip to Cambodia.  Our time in Siem reap was amazing.  It was a lot quieter, more rural, and was tucked away in the middle of the jungle.  Our hotel was really nice too although we did have a couple of issues with the wifi.  Once again our tour guide did not waste anytime and it felt like as soon as we got off the bus we went to this village that lived entirely on the water with houses made out of boats.  We had to take a little boat that looked like it was going to fall apart any minute to get to the village.  I think I was more scared than Nelli when I was in that boat which is funny cause he doesn’t like water.  Over the next few days we visited a TON of temples…it was really interesting the mythology that were etched into the stones and since a lot of the stories are hindu based, Nelli was an expert.  omg but there was so much walking up to the top of temples, I was really out of shape.  Nelli was really encouraging though

The only downside of Cambodia was the flight back when I was waiting for Nelli to get out of customs in SFO.  I always have to wait for him because immigrations takes a closer look to review his Indian passport/worker visa whereas my American passport takes me anywhere very quickly.  After about an hour or so he called me and said he was in trouble and I should go home without him.  It turns out, that his visa had expired and he shouldn’t have gone out the country.  Luckily, he had emailed his lawyer and she told him it was ok so he was able to play the innocent card.  Little did we know, that the airport incident was the start of his visa woes.

In any event, Cambodia was always a place Nelli wanted to go and I’m glad I was with him 🙂

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