Asian Art Museum

Museum day trip! Nelli not pictured…this was a pivotal event that moved our friendship to a relationship. Nelli said it meant a lot to him that I came with him to see this exhibit cause it seemed like it wasn’t my thing but I actually really wanted to go lol. The event was nice…the whole event I kept wanting to hold his hand for some reason and that’s when I knew we were going to be together some day.  After the museum trip we came back to his place and proceeded to watch 3 movies (total of ~6 hours end time: 2-3am).  To this idea, I have no idea why he wanted to watch that many movies in a row, maybe he just wanted to spend timme with.  I thought he had alterior motives which I got all excited about but he drove me home which irritated me to no end.  I was so confused about our friendship at this point.  Did he like me? Did he not like me?  I was thinking to myself…I don’t get this dude.  Later the next day, I got my car myself and didn’t tell him which made him super pissed.  This was probably the angriest I’ve seen him which I call the ‘epic fight’.  We got over it and don’t talk about it as much but it’s interesting because after this fight, our feelings for each other were stronger 🙂

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