My 26th Birthday Celebration

My 26th bday was awesome…I’m officially over the hill! If you don’t know me by now, I love celebrating my birthday…unlike Nelli.  However, he did not disappoint in making sure that my day was special.  At midnight, he surprised me with a cake that had a candle that sang happy birthday.  He then gave me a book, a nice card, and moscato.  Everything was titli theme, after my favorite bollywood song. It was so sweet! In the morning, Nelli woke me up tinkering around in the kitchen.  Apparently, he had made at least a dozen strawberry cupcakes for me…my favorite!  I took them to work 🙂  Later that day, I came home and got ready to go for my birthday dinner in Santana row.  I was kinda, actually REALLY, freaking out because the place is soooo crowded and they wouldn’t put my name down until most of my party was there.  Of course, my friends were late and I was worried that we would have to wait a long time once they finally did show up.  I was being such a baby…I wanted to go home… was almost on the verge of tears but thankfully Nelli was there trying to calm me down.  I don’t know how he puts up with me sometimes.  My friends finally came and we were seated quickly, it was a great turnout…almost 15 people.  Everybody had and a few of my friends went out after dinner for drinks.  Nelli – thank you for making my bday special

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