How To Ask An Indian Man To Be Your Boyfriend

Ok it’s the moment you all have been waiting for. The day we officially went out. We had been “courting” each other for awhile going on unofficial dates or outings like Napa, Bay to Breakers, etc.  I was getting so impatient as to when he was going to ask me I was about 99.9% sure he liked me so I DECIDED TO ASK HIM MYSELF.  Kudos to all the ladies out there that take charge of their destiny! WOOHOO!! #COURAGE It’s so funny that we have the most unconventional relationship and we started in the most unconventional way!

I’m a planner so I rehearsed what I was going to say with my friends so I thought it would be a piece of cake. We went to one of our favorite restaurants named Tava which is basically like an Indian chipotle.  Isn’t it funny that our Indian fusion relationship started at a Indian fusion restaurant.  I was suppose to ask him there but I was too scared and before I knew it we were back in the car on our way back to work. YIKES. It was now or never. I started blabbering for 10 minutes about how we don’t act like we were friends..yet we were…so we should stop…unless we want to be more than friends. UGHHHH This was not the straightforward question I was going for and had rehearsed meticulously. Funny how life comes at you no matter how hard you plan for it.

Argh frankly I don’t know what I said but thankfully Nelli got it and told me he would give me an answer when he got back from a cabin weekend trip with his friends. WAIT WHAT?! I just mustered up all my courage, put my heart on line, spoke some jibberish and you said you would GET BACK TO ME?! Aren’t these the type of things that you either know it or you don’t?  He must be taking that weekend to figure out an exit strategy or how to tell me no lightly.  What am I suppose to do in the meantime?  Of course these were thoughts going through my head, what I actually said was “OK…”

That was 4 days aka a LIFETIME of me not knowing if he wanted to go out with me or not so I was a little perturbed. When he got back he suggested we see “this is the end” at the movies and meet up at Starbucks before. I was thinking 1)  That’s the silliest movie and I don’t want to watch it 2) this is it omg. he’s going to give me an answer.

We met up at starbucks (I don’t even drink coffee) and he said yes 🙂 That’s why our official anniversary is June 23rd and not a couple days before when I actually asked him…I will give him grief for the rest of his days for making me wait. He always tells me that he waited a couple days because it was such an important decision.  That’s my Nelli.  Who knew that watching “this is the end” was going to be just the beginning!

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