Tour de cure bike race…another event pre-relationship status. I was so excited to get my shirt and I had a really great time fundraising for the event…Nelli didn’t. I bought an expensive bike specifically for this event smh..I was really excited. I had a scare tho cause I was running late and I squeezed my bike into the back seat and when I pulled it out the gear chains came off their gear wheel. At the time I had no idea what was wrong but luckily they had a bike fix station. The guy fixed it in 2 seconds an told me my seat was too low…such a noob. Me, Nelli and another friend stayed with each other during the 25k. It was pretty easy trail for me minus a few hills but I was also exercising a lot at the time. Nelli had no problem and he had a single gear bike…show off. The trail was nice it was my first time really biking alongside traffic which made me nervous but there were a few Palo Alto residential spots with gorgeous homes. We also went through this nice hilly area and even saw a random horse ranch! We stopped by and petted the horses…Nelli was very happy such an animal lover 🙂 bike racing is a good experience I hope I can do more.

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