What I Learned From Traveling To Alaska

We went to Alaska and visited Denali Park for Nelli’s birthday. This was our first major event as a couple. We started going out June 23rd and our Alaska trip was the weekend of July 28th. I was really happy he asked me because he hates celebrating his birthday with anyone. I felt special 🙂 we flew virgin airlines which was my first time and I loved it. The airplane had swanky lighting and a lot of TV shows and movies. It even had an IM system where you can chat with another person on the plane. Nelli tried to chat with me but I couldn’t figure it out lol.

When we got into anchorage we stayed the night and then drove to Denali the next morning. We did a lot of activities: whitewater rafting, hiking, and more hiking. We did the whitewater rafting where somebody else was doing the paddling. It was kinda scary with all the waves and I was terrified that I was going to fall out. The water was absolutely freezing but we had a full body wet suit on. Towards the calmer waters you could actually jump out and swim around which I did. The hotel in Denali was gorgeous…Nelli never disappoints. The hotel had amazing views and tons of activities planned. I noticed that there were a lot of old people in the hotel. I also think the hotel was a hub for Alaskan cruises so there were tons of people in general. The only drawback were the availability of restaurants that were nearby and open. Nelli was pissed about that actually. The second hike we went on was slightly terrifying because everybody wanted to go on the trail where bears were rampant…sigh. We saw so many signs…footprints, poop, hair, which made me very on edge. Nelli even has a bear whistle but I knew he secretly wanted to see one. Along the trail the guide showed us so many berries that were edible to eat, plants that were extremely poisonous and even a fresh water creek to fill our bottles up with…we didn’t fill ours up though. Finally we came to a part of the trail where there were fields and fields of blueberries…this is where the bears love to go. Thankfully no bears were in sight thank god. Everyone else was so sad oh well. Glad I can cross Alaska off the list.

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