Upcycling Goals

Right now, me and Nelli are discussing our plans to move in together in 6 months.  It’s really exciting to discuss our future plans.  So you may be asking..ok so why is there a picture of a dresser?  Well, 1.) I’ve posted every picture of us 2.) it does tell a story.

I bought this dresser my senior year of college at goodwill for 100 bucks.  It was high quality yellow wood with gold handles.  I liked how deep the drawers were.  Fast forward to the end of college and I had to put all of my things in storage to begin my whirl wind rotation program.  Then I had to come back to Chicago to move all my things into my new apartment.  I got my dresser and all the handles had been broken off and the wood was damaged.  I thought it would be a great idea to fix it up per my pinterest research which you now see above.  I painted the dresser in my patio where the movers had left it, never thinking of how I could get it back inside.  That’s where Nelli came in.  I texted all my guy friends and asked if they could move it and he was the only one who came.

As I reflect on our time together, I’ve realized that Nelli has always been there for me, even when we weren’t going out.  Whether it’s coming to my house to help move this dresser or meeting me at costco so I could buy a tv or groceries. ❤

Now that we’re embarking on our next adventure, I think I will finally retire this goodwill dresser I bought more than 4 years ago and get something brand new. Nelli wants to keep it because I worked so hard on it but I think it’s time. This post is an ode to my dresser, a representation of how Nelli is always there for me, and a symbol of our next adventure: moving in together!

My girlfriend is very talented. She is always on these mini projects. This dresser “assembly/ painting” was one such project. Francesca found this huge dresser at goodwill. She was done painting it also. No prizes for guessing the color. Yes! You got it right. Teal!

Only issue was that it was at her patio and needed to be moved into the appropriate room in her tastefully decorated apartment. Her requests at work for help with moving it yielded no results. Come on guys ! Chivalry isn’t dead, is it? Anyway I agreed and we were able to move and finish assembling the dresser with minimal damage to the carpet or the apartment. I was very impressed with Francesca. Very creative.

We were slowly becoming good friends.

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