How To Introduce Your Mother To Your Indian Boyfriend

What is up with all the family visits?  The next big event was my mum coming to town.  Her bff lives in the bay area and it was their high school reunion.  My mom would be staying with me for a couple days before she stayed with her friend.  My family had come to stay with me before…they drove all the way to SF to stay in my comfy little studio.  That was good times.  My mom expected to return to that quaint studio but little did she know that just a couple weeks earlier I had officially moved in with Nelli (gasp…).  I was so nervous on when to tell her that it wasn’t until I had picked her up from the airport and I drove past my old apt’s exit did I have the courage to say that I had moved and had a new “roommate”.  She exclaimed “NELLI?!?!” AND she said it in an excited tone.  This was just the beginning of her surprising reactions.

We got to the apartment and she flooded Nelli with greetings and couldn’t stop talking to him.  I think my mom bonded with him because he wasn’t from the US and she often talked to him about her life in the Philippines.  For some reason, she could not stop talking about fruits and veggies and what kind Nelli’s hometown had.  So we took her to the farmers market in a local neighborhood which she enjoyed.

Now that I come to think of it we really showed her a great deal of Northern Cali.  We took her to Monterrey and we went to the aquarium, the wharf, and some local hiking like lover’s peak.  I know my mom loves seafood so we took her to the highest reviewed restaurant. damn those mussels were good.  Poor Nelli had a salad and garlic bread – thanks champ!   The next place we took her to is the 17 mile drive.  We went to Pebble Beach and saw the Lone Cypress tree,and this random mission where Nelli was all cranky about how Christians forced people into the religion.  I just wanted to see the pretty architecture and gardens.  The 17 mile drive had some scenic pics but that was about it and I learned that my mom does not like roadtrips through windy hills. oops.  I was really excited to go to all these popular places because a lot of them were my first times (and last…) like the aquarium and the 17 mile drive.

My mom absolutely adored Nelli – this was her first time to really get to know him as my boyfriend.  They didn’t run out of topics to talk about and I might as well have not been there (kidding…).  She told me (yes..she gave me a report) that the things she liked most about him was that he was very practical and had a lot of common sense.  ok…so are you calling me an irrational airhead Mommy?  She asked when we were having kids next.  haha not even marriage came into the picture.  Poor mum she really wants grandkids all her besties have grandbabies and she’s starting to feel left out.  She then proceeded to tell me all her health ailments which scares the shit out of me because she’s a nurse so her self-diagnoses are on point.  Luckily, it’s just old age stuff.  Once we’re back to the bay I drop her off at her friend’s house so she can feel young again playing with her high school friends.

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