What We Did To Have An Exciting Vacation In Jamaica

My top 5 things to do:

  1. Rockhouse Hotel
  2. Dives
  3. Mayfield Falls
  4. Appleton Rum Estates
  5. YS Falls

If Nelli wasn’t Indian he would be Jamaican.  As usual, this was his 2nd time going to Negril Jamaica as he had a previous trip there for a wedding.  He loves the weather, the food, and the Indian influence i.e. CRICKET!  Negril is an hour away from the touristy part of Montego Bay.  If I had any recommendations for Negril Jamaica, it would be to stay in the ROCKHOUSE HOTEL.  It is absolutely beautiful with 3 restaurants and a great view of the ocean cliffs.  The rooms are absolutely gorgeous with a private outside shower, YOGA classes and a full service spa.  It’s also on a road that has many different villas and restaurants if you want some more variety.  Dives was an amazing restaurant and I think we ate there more than once.  I absolutely love this hotel and I can’t wait to go back preferably in their romantic honeymoon villa (Hint..)

My absolute favorite experience was waterfall hiking at Mayfield falls.  Make sure you bring water shoes but they do have some available for rent. We walked through rivers and beautiful waterfalls that were a blue crystal clear color. It was an absolute wonderful to hike through the water – at some parts the falls are very strong and are waist/bust level.  You can sit down and get a nice water massage however a funny moment happened when the current was so strong I almost lost my swimsuit.  HAHA!  After the hike, they provided lunch for us which is also very nice and tasty.

We also went to YS Falls which had a much bigger waterfall but walking around was limited and the water was not as pretty as Mayfield falls.  We also went on an Appleton rum tour which was amazing not only for the free rum samples but our tour group was tipsy and made for some good laughs.  I wouldn’t change a thing about my stay in Jamaica, it was one of my favorite trips ever.  One thing to be mentally prepared for is the amount of time you will spend driving to the different locations.  Rockhouse hotel made sure we had a taxi however it was rather expensive and time intensive.  Overall, Negril was amazing and it made me want to explore more of the Caribbean.

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