The Best Way To Enjoy A Costa Rica Vacation

My top 5 things to do:

  1. La Fortuna Waterfalls
  2. Arenal volcano visit
  3. Manuel Antonio National Park
  4. Cafe Britt
  5. Tortuguero National Park

This was Nelli’s 2nd time going to Costa Rica and he absolutely loves the country especially their coffee.  He actually planned his luggage around how much coffee he was going to bring back when we visited Cafe Britt.

Things I wish we had done – Because we only stayed for a short time, we definitely skimmed the surface of all Costa Rica has to offer.  I don’t usually prefer to visit countries twice because there is so much to see in the world but Costa Rica definitely warrants a 2nd time.

*Skip city visit and hot springs – Nelli and I did a city tour and got to see some really cool architecture and old churches.  I learned some really cool things about the Illuminati and it was interesting to see the different types of expat people living there (jewish, muslim, etc.).  BUT, I would rather be exploring nature or the beach.  Also, we visited some hot springs which is famous in Costa Rica but after about 15 minutes I was wrinkly and ready to go.

*Visited more waterfalls/rivers – We went to La Fortuna waterfall which was absolutely amazing.  It was a tad crowded and those stairs up and down were no joke but it was totally worth it.  Next time, I go back to Costa Rica, I know there are tons of beautiful waterfalls and bodies of water that are crystal blue/green which would be really cool to see.

*Stay in Manuel Antonio National Park – We took a day trip to Manuel Antonio and I didn’t want to leave.  If you are familiar with Costa Rica, you may know that the climate can change within a mile haha.  The weather in Manual Antonio was absolutely amazing: very warm and sunny and the town surrounding the park is very laid back and hipster/beachy-like.  I would love to hike and explore the surrounding areas including the forests, animals, and beaches.

*Timing – Me and Nelli went to Tortuguera National Park which is where the baby turtles are hatched and swim to the ocean.  This would be really cool to see but at the time we went there were no baby turtles.  Next time, I’m going to research what time they hatch and try to plan our trip around that.

*Ziplining – enough said.  It’s just something you have to do in Costa Rica.

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