Things Nobody Tells You About Having A South Indian Fusion Wedding

Happy 1 month anniversary to me and Nelli HAHA!  This past month flew by but I definitely wanted to take the time to reflect on our wedding and the days leading up to it.  We spent 1 year and 2 months pouring over the details to create a wedding that was truly us and we accomplished that without a doubt.  I promised a part 2 and 3 last time I talked about my wedding at the 100 day mark so here it is 🙂

Friday Recap (Sangeet)

I work up at 8am to get my Henna done – Kamala’s Henna creations did an amazing job and the four hours it took to complete I actually really enjoyed just the two of us talking.  It was the first time I had some moments to myself since my family arrived and I really needed that to relax and collect my thoughts before the whirlwind of events.  My aunt and sister came around noon to provide lunch, pick up my lengha, and leave for the Sangeet venue where Jireh Artisty did my hair and makeup.  We were running late and me and Nelli needed to be at the San Jose Rose Garden to take some pictures in our Indian attire.  I didn’t have time to scrape off my henna and even had my Indian decorator and Jireh tie my dupatta for me (see Stressful moments in next post).   I think I made it to the pictures 30 minutes late and I honestly felt so bad and flustered, then to make matters a little more crazy – I didn’t have my cell phone and Nelli’s was dead so we had no idea how to make it back to the venue.  Our photographer was so nice and went in our car to direct us back.

We made it to the event at 6pm which is when the event started but not that many people were there. I really appreciated how the vendors just kind of set-up on their own – the DJ chose the uplighting colors and set up his turntables, videographer had the cameras set, and my stationary boards magically appeared in front of the room.  I literally had no time to greet or direct anybody and had no wedding planner for the Sangeet.  I quickly had my sister and aunt finish some last minute details like putting the place cards on the table, handing out flowers and bangles and making sure the table layout looked good.  Everybody really liked how the decor looked especially the backdrop – everything was as I imagined except the table linens could have been a deeper shade of teal and the flower colors were interesting choices but since the theme of a Sangeet is supposed to be bright and colorful, I guess it worked.  The event started around 6:30/7 and me and Nelli started off with our first dance and then we proceeded with the other dances Nelli’s cousins had put together.  Our friend Gaurav did the MC’ing – G did an amazing job engaging the crowd and was super funny – kudos to him.  I loved how G also felt personally responsible for always making sure me and Nelli had a drink in our hand both days and that was very much appreciated.  Every bride and groom should have a designated alcohol person haha.

I also did a surprise dance with my friends for Nelli which the crowd loved!  I was so nervous and it didn’t help that the sun was in my eyes for most of the dance so I couldn’t really see anything. The sun actually made the venue a little warm which was unfortunate but it cooled down as the night progressed.  Nelli’s family were so impressed that I managed to pull off two dances and it’s definitely something I had never seen a bride do at any of the family weddings I’ve attended so I was feeling really good about myself.  The one thing I wish had done more was actually eat!  I had little bites here and there but I wish I had more – by the time I was done dancing or talking to people, the caterer had taken away my plate.  After the dinner we started dancing and drinking which was one of the highlights of both nights for me.  Both families and friends were having fun together and I think at one point in the night both dads were dancing together and my 27 year old brother had a dance off with Nelli’s 10 year old cousin which was hilarious!   My family really got a kick out of everybody thinking Malcolm was Indian and dubbed him “Rahmomo” – he LOVED wearing the indian clothes Nelli loaned him.  Also, Kamala came back and everybody loved getting their henna done.   All in all, it was a super fun night!

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