Mistakes I Made On My Blindian Wedding Day

Apparently, there is a word limit on posts so here is Part 3 of my crazy Black/Indian/Filipino wedding weekend.  1 month down…a lifetime to go!

Saturday Recap (Wedding Day!)

We woke up around 8am again for hair and makeup.  All the immediate lady family members went first so I had some more “me time” to relax and write my vows.  I finished my hair, makeup and getting dressed around 1pm and I absolutely loved the way I looked – especially the fresh jasmine in my hair which smelled so good.  I didn’t have too much time to admire myself because I was running an hour late in terms of being at the venue (why I could never be on time for things, I’ll never know!). Once we arrived, I don’t think I caught my breath until the wedding was over – My photographer immediately swept me away for pictures most of the time,  I was busy prepping the jasmine garlands for the baraat, finalizing the song changes with the DJ, writing my vows on a piece of paper and then before I knew it I was walking down the aisle haha.

I can’t even imagine all the details that Jessica my amazing wedding planner made sure happened prior to the wedding start but I’m sure it was 10x what I did so I would have been super lost without her.  The favorite part of our ceremony was reading my vows – I tried not to cry but I couldn’t help it, I even heard multiple sniffles from the crowd.  Even though the ceremony felt 30 minutes long, it was so memorable! Even the little teeny hiccups I am still smiling about like how the garlands were still in the fridge, or how my sister kept adjusting my veil everytime Nelli put something around my neck or how my vows were considerably longer than Nelli’s or how or when my brother almost got burned from moving the fire holder.  I just hope that when we get our wedding pictures I don’t look like a snotty mess from all the crying I did – it truly was a beautiful ceremony merging all our traditions and everybody else thought so too 🙂

After the wedding we took a few more pictures and I was off to enjoy my cocktail hour.  I really loved that I got the chance to mingle with everyone because in retrospect I didn’t get much time to really have a 30 minute convo like I wanted with some people that flew so far to be with me – the whole night was a fantastic blur.  Also, can I just say that the weather turned out amazing for our outdoor wedding.  It was a beautiful sunny day, not too warm or too cold.  We started off the reception with our entrances and then dinner – I just loved how the vendors were taking care of us.  Our caterer made sure we had food in front of us and brought us our plates. My DJ was just so amazing in that he changed up our songs for us at the last minute and cut our ceremony processional song so it was only the instrumentals.  My favorite dance was the father/daughter song because my dad was being his silly self and kept making me laugh.

The decor at the reception was everything I could have ever wanted and exactly what I envisioned thanks to Jessica – people absolutely loved the favors which were these cute little gold elephants she found on the internet.  The speeches from my dad and sis were super heartwarming and I had a couple more tear jerker moments.  People also really enjoyed the photobooth – can’t wait to get all the pictures and hopefully get a scrapbook.  Once again, the dancing and drinking really was my favorite part of the night…I don’t think I sat down once – I’m not going to lie, my friend G did a great job and I was pretty much more than tipsy by the end of the night. Our limo came and picked us up at the end of the night and I managed to get out of my dress but I slept in my contacts, makeup, and hair (jasmine in all) – I would say that is a sign of a good night 🙂

Stressful Moments (because it’s a wedding)

  • My makeup artist canceled a day before on me!  Luckily, I have the most wonderful hairstylist who also has a team of makeup artists that were quickly able to do our makeup…and it looked fabulous 🙂
  • Incorporating Indian vendors was a bit of a challenge. Most Indian weddings happen at a hotel/banquet hall where they are more flexible.  1 week before our wedding, the baraat and Indian catering vendor had not submitted acceptable insurance documentation to our venue so it was very stressful being the middle man calling the vendor and the venue, trying to get it all sorted.  It all worked out in the end but wooosahhh, don’t want to go through that again.
  • Entertaining family, balancing work, and finalizing all the wedding details – Most of our immediate family came to the Bay area 1-2 weeks before the wedding.  Because the Bay area is such a fun place to visit, my family wanted to do the usual touristy things (Monterrey, Napa, Santa cruz, etc) so I felt a huge obligation to show them around the city.  I also had really big project deadlines at work leading up to the day of the wedding which needed a lot of my time. I was super stressed about juggling everything – I had to leave work multiple times in a day to go to last minute meetings, dress fitting, entertaining parents, taking pics which made manufacturing not happy that I wasn’t supporting the builds as well as I should have…not a fun situation 😦
  • Lack of Family Involvement – I will keep this short but it was my biggest gripe about my wedding week.  As you may have read above, I was always running late to something and super crazy busy running around to make sure my job, family, wedding were in order. I wish I had more support from certain family members.  Some family members didn’t show up to wedding events even though they were in the area and some people declined when I reached out asking for help.  Others didn’t even offer help. I made sure that the wedding was memorable for them (all expenses paid everything) and I think they could have done a better job making sure it was memorable for me.

To end on a positive note, I just wanted to give a special shout out to my aunt and sister – without them my wedding weekend would not have been possible.  They did a ton of running around buying last minute decor, chauffeuring me around,  helping me get ready, making sure little details were set on both days….and I’m just forever grateful for their love and support ❤


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