These Are The Stunning Places You Must Visit in Bali

Top 5 things to do in Munduk and Ubud

  •  Munduk
    1. Brahmavihara Buddhist temple
    2. Stay in Munduk Moding Plantation (Villas, Spa, Coffee Plantation tour, Village bikeride)
    3. Waterfalls (Git Git and Munduk)
    4. Hindu temples (Lake Tamblingan, Ulun Danu Bratan)
    5. Lembuyang rice fields
  • Ubud
    1. Mt. Batur volcano hike
    2. Cultural Dances (Kechak at Uluwatu temple and Legong)
    3. Hindu Temples (Tanah Lot, Pura Lempuyang, Tirtha Empul Temple, Besakih Temple)
    4. Monkey Forest Temple
    5. Downtown Restaurants (Clear Cafe and Kaffe)
  • If you have time go to Java and see Borobudor Buddhist Temple!

Out of all our travels so far, going to Bali with Nelli is my absolute favorite….it was fitting that it was also for our honeymoon!  Nelli really went out of his way to ensure it was an enjoyable experience and that each of us got what we wanted out of Bali.  The above list only represents a FRACTION of what we did the two weeks we were there. We visited so many more places, temples and waterfalls but I chose my favorites above.  As you can see, we were quite busy but there was also plenty of time for relaxation (we had 3 spa sessions and stayed at the BEST hotels) which is important for me (read: spoiled).  We also got sick (as usual) so that really slowed down our days and it was nice to lounge around our villa recovering from our coughs!  Please bring A LOT of cough medicine when you travel internationally – I still haven’t learned my lesson and didn’t bring enough!  Here are some tips and tricks related to our favorite activities in Bali.

  • Our favorite experience was staying in Munduk Moding Plantation.  Even though it was 3 hours away from the airport, it was well worth it!  If you like small, remote places, love luxurious boutique hotels, and want to be surrounded by nature then this is the place for you!  I was very impressed with our villa (clean, bright, cute furnishings, nice new amenities). On our first night where our tub was filled with flowers – something that other spas charge for!   A couple days in we moved into another villa where we had our own infinity pool and jacuzzi….HEAVEN!  I also loved the activities that are available to you when you stay at the plantation (some are free and others you have to pay for).  Our favorites were the bike ride through the village farms…even though it was challenging and I had to walk through some of it, the experience of being able to see local life was a one of a kind trip!  We were kind of shell shocked when we went to bustling busy Ubud.  Nelli actually didn’t like Ubud at all and I can kinda see why…it feels very touristy and westernized but next time I would want to stay at a hotel that is on the outskirts of Ubud.  The nice thing about staying in Ubud was the proximity of some of the cultural places/events and the free shuttle our hotel (Kamandalu) provided as we did not have a scooter (I’m scared of them!)
  • We went on the Mt. Batur volcano hike which was challenging so make sure you are in semi good shape to hike those steep rocky hills and also dress warmly since it is still night time when you start the hike.  Please make sure to check the weather before you plan your trip.  We scheduled our hike on a cloudy/rainy day and we were not able to see the sunrise!
  • Although Munduk was such a lovely hotel, they only had one restaurant and the hotel is very remote so we appreciated the abundance of restaurants in downtown Ubud.  I would recommend researching or getting restaurants recommendations from friends (thanks Nicole) beforehand because the amount of options are overwhelming!  Our favorites were Clear Cafe and Kaffe because they were fresh, healthy, affordable, and vegan-friendly!
  • Rice Fields are quintessential Bali and we did not miss the opportunity to visit one…in fact we went to 2 rice fields!  I believe that most people go to Tegalalang Rice Terrace but I actually preferred Lembuyang.  Lembuyang was a lot bigger and had more opportunity to hike the fields and it also had cows!  I think Tegalalang is a bit touristy and again it is in an area that gets a lot of rain so make sure you check the weather!
  • Check the country’s holiday and vacation schedule prior to booking your trip and if possible plan around it or schedule your daily activities to be early in the morning. Indonesia’s main religion is Islam and our honeymoon fell right on one of their national holiday/vacations.  We could really tell the influx of Muslim tourists enjoying their time off when we went to Java and Ulun Danu Bratan which wasn’t bad but it was difficult to get pictures of just us and it was just generally very crowded!
  • One of the main reasons that we decided on Bali was that I love exploring tropical places in Southeast Asia and Nelli loves places where there are Hindu influences.  As Bali is predominantly Hindu unlike the rest of Indonesia, we spent a large chunk of our time exploring ancient Hindu temples.  I loved seeing how Bali has incorporated Hindu teachings into their daily life but also made it into their own.  For example, offerings are very big in their culture and they pay respects to their family ancestors every day.  When they go to their temples, they wear sarongs and sometimes wear all white.  We also observed that their temples are centered around phenomenons dealing with nature; For example, there was a temple near a huge bat cave or a temple perched on a island.  I think seeing the fusion of cultures in a society is totally inspiring and will always be the focal point of our trips.  As we build our life together, cultural fusion is something that Nelli and I inspire to and is the basis of this blog ❤



5 thoughts on “These Are The Stunning Places You Must Visit in Bali

  1. Woww I can’t wait for my self to goto Bali and I am bookmarking your post for then. Looks like you had an amazing time and yes will take the cough meds and read through all the other tips, when we make our plans ✔️

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would recommend 1 week in Ubud! We stayed in Bali for 2 weeks and it was the perfect amount of time to see everything in the island and also take a day trip to the island of Java


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