When I Started To Identify As A Strong Black Woman

Hi everyone, I wrote an essay for Nikita (blogger at growingupgupta.com) about being biracial and how it will impact my future tri(?)racial family.  Let me know your thoughts please 🙂

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Source: Growing Up Gupta


13 thoughts on “When I Started To Identify As A Strong Black Woman

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  1. ¡Hola!  Beautiful interview 💕  Thank you for sharing 💛 Simetimes it’s hard go talk about our ethnicity because of boxes society puts us in.   We have to keep talking about it until we all get to the point of celebrating ur uniqueness and loving each other as a human race. 

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  2. Love this interview! Even though I’m not bi racial, I can totally relate to the whole thing of trying to figure out “where” I “belong”. I’m first generation Salvadoran-American and I was never able to fit in. I was American to my Salvadoran family and to my American friends or other people, I was always Hispanic. Now I realize that I can be both and that I don’t have to choose one over the other since I identify with both cultures. As the previous commentator said, we have keep talking about this in order to normalize it and celebrate our uniqueness 💫

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  3. I enjoyed this! Great perspective and isn’t it interesting that our childhood experiences have soooooo much influence in how we choose to live our adult lives?

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  4. Wow. Such a fantastic interview. Although I’m not bi-racial/dual heritage/mixed race, my mum is and I could talk about the topic for hours! Thank you for sharing


  5. You and your family is absolutely precious and beautiful ❤ Many of us, never see more than 1 culture in a lifetime much less embrace it! You are so lucky to have roots in 2 cultures! It's heritage multiplied by 2 ❤ How awesome is that


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