How to Navigate the Unknown in Banff

Top 5 Tips for Banff:

  1. Dress Warmly
  2. Research restaurants in advance
  3. See the National Visitor Center
  4. Stay in Canmore/Dead Mans Flats
  5. Go on the Teahouse hikes and visit Peyto Lake, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine

For our annual labor day hiking trip in 2018 we decided to hop across the border and go to Banff National Park.  Banff is located in Alberta which is close to Calgary, Canada and is about two hours north (flying) from the Bay area.  The last time I was in Canada was in college during a short Toronto conference so I was excited to see another side of the country.

Even though it was September which is normally very warm in California, Canada was an entirely different story!  The weather was so cold, I don’t think I’ve ever hiked in temperatures that low.  I brought a fleece, wool hat, light gloves and a waterproof jacket but I still should have packed warmer clothes!  It was so cold that during our hike I was afraid I was getting frostbite – my hands were so swollen and red that I took my rings off.  Please dress extremely warm!

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