Why We Are Grateful For 2019

I’m starting to really look forward to these posts!  Not only is practicing gratitude a pillar of happiness but it’s nice to look down memory lane over the past year and my previous posts reflecting on 2018 and 2017.  2019 is a little bit shorter than similar posts because I started school but each gratitude has had a greater impact.

7.  Hiking in Zion/Bryce National Park

Exploring US national parks continue to be a favorite activity of me and Nelli.  This year, we decided to visit the ever so popular Zion on one of the busiest holidays of the year: Labor Day.  Although the crowds were mindblowing, waking up at 4am (which I never do) helped beat the majority of the people.  After spending a weekend in this park, I can definitely understand the hype!   The landscapes were so diverse and gorgeous, we hiked the most popular trails at Zion: Angels Landing and the Narrows.  We also did a quick loop trail in Bryce Canyon.  Overall, fantastic vacation and I can’t wait to see what National Park we choose next!

Top of Angel’s Landing

6.  Celebrating my birthday in Miami

I have continued the past time of going somewhere for my birthday.  This year we went a little farther to the other coast: MIAMI!  I loved all the cultural and artistic vibes, the unique culture of each neighborhood and unlimited options of what to do and where to eat.  By far, one of my favorite activities was going to the Celia Cruz museum.  What an experience to see all the relics of this iconic singer!  Next year we will go somewhere a little closer to California so more of my friends can attend!

Miami art district

5.  Supporting Nelli’s races in Mississippi and Kentucky

There were two races that I accompanied Nelli on were to two very special states.  You guys might not know but my father’s family is from Greenwood, Mississippi.  My grandfather was born there and moved to Chicago, IL after getting married.  During middle school, I was lucky enough to visit Greenwood with him and my siblings to meet his cousins, nieces, and nephews.  Going back to Mississippi, I was able to understand more the culture, history, past and current race relations, and check out some amazing food while we were at it.  Another race was located in Louisville, Kentucky but we decided to stay at his favorite aunt’s house in Cincinnati, OH.  I was a little bit nervous spending more time than usual with his family for the first time to be honest.  I ended up having a blast when me and his aunt took a road trip to Nelli’s finish line.  We have a lot more in common than I thought and it was nice that she shared the same viewpoints as me.

The town where my Grandfather grew up in

4.  Spending time with my family in Colorado and New Orleans

My sister was fortunate enough to obtain an internship in Colorado.  This was her first real job as a Chemist and she was so excited to move to a new state on her own.  The family decided to help her move in and take the opportunity to explore a new state!  We had so much fun exploring new restaurants, hiking, and exploring the state parks in Denver.   I also spent some time with my aunt and Dad in New Orleans for the Essence fest.  We ate at so many different restaurants and went on the quintessential swamp tour.  Overall, these family trips were so special to me and I hope to continue to do this with them.

Garden of the Gods with the Famo

3.  Climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa

There are no words that can explain our experience in Tanzania.  Our first time on the monumental African continent was a 2019 goal of mine.  From the beaches of Zanzibar, to the hiking of Kilimanjaro, and to the safari camping of the Serengeti: it’s a trip I’ll never forget!  Look out for a blog post soon!

Day 3 of our Tanzania Trek

2.  Sister Trip to Tulum Mexico

My sister and I went to Tulum during her spring break!  It was her first international trip and such a great start to earning her passport and turning 21.  Deepening my relationships and perspective with my family has been an ongoing theme this year and I’m working on reconnecting and developing a solid foundation with my loved ones.  My sister and I had such a blast hanging out together and exploring this influenster city and I hope we can turn these family trips into a yearly tradition.  Check the blog post here!

Me and the sis at Chichen itza

1.   Starting Business School at Berkeley Haas

5 years ago I never imagined I would be going to a top 10 business school.  Based on my college grades and GMAT, I never thought I would be good enough and always prolonged the application process.  After joining a program to support women in their business school application process, I met some mentors and peers that really helped me take that first step and I finally applied.   I’m so privileged and excited to see how the next 3 years will positively impact my personal and professional life.  I hope to make new friends, accelerate my career, and maybe pivot into another function.  It’s crazy to think the opportunities that are available to me and I hope to take advantage of them!

Bschool Gala

My goals for 2020 are to focus on my schooling, get back to exercising, and of course visit new places!  I would love to visit the Middle East, Central Asia or Oceania.  Lastly, my husband and I will continue to focus on FAMILY.  Stay tuned 🙂

Decade in Review

2010 – graduated from Northwestern

2011 – started my first job at the company I’ve been at till this day

2012 – moved permanently to California

2013 – Started going out with my future husband

2014 – Nelli’s Sabbatical

2015 – First trip to India

2016 – Engaged!

2017 – got married and Bali

2018 – Visited South America

2019 – Tanzania and Bschool begins!

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