How To Travel The Unbeaten Path In Tulum, Mexico

Top 7 Things To Do In Tulum

  1. Save money and stay Downtown in Casa Toluc
  2. Lay on the beach and drink at Ziggy’s Beach Club
  3. Scuba Dive in Yal-ku Lagoon and visit Chichen-itza
  4. Eat delicious ice cream at Campanella Cremerie
  5. Have dinner on the beach at Gitano and Posada Margherita
  6. Buy cheap amazing tacos at Taqueria Honorio
  7. Take your Instagram shots at Raw Love and Matcha Mama


The list of things to do and eat in Tulum Mexico are endless…I couldn’t pick just 5!  This is my second time going to the Cancun area and it gets better every time.  I went to Tulum with my sister…it was her first international trip and I wanted to make it extra fun.  We stayed at an airbnb (Casa Toluc) and I highly recommend staying here.  It’s in downtown Tulum so there are some downsides like it being away from the beach where most of the fun activities take place.  We had to take an expensive taxi back and forth to the beach but the airbnb was so cheap and had great hosts so I think it worked out in the end.  Also, Casa Toluc is close to many of the local downtown spots like amazing taco stands and gelato (see #4 and #6 above).


At the beach there are so many options to relax and eat so make sure you do your research beforehand…my favorite places are listed above.  One thing I would recommend is make sure you bring extra cash, I wasn’t quite prepared for how expensive things were and they don’t accept credit.  There are some sketchy ATM’s but a lot of them were not in working condition.  Also Tulum is highly popular so booking dinner reservations is an absolute must!  In order to hang out at the beach, getting a day pass at a beach club is the best way to go…make sure to get there early to get a good day bed.  We stayed at a couple of beach clubs and Ziggy’s was our favorite, reasonable-ish prices, comfy beach beds, and tasty snacks/drinks!  Tulum is known for their health-conscious options and cute aesthetics so we hit up a few buddha bowl places…my favorite was Raw Love.


Although it’s easy to stay in the blissful bubble of Tulum don’t forget to venture outside for some amazing activities!  Although, I’ve been to Cancun I didn’t get the chance to visit Chichen-itza so this was the top of my list.  Chichen-itza is a new world wonder and definitely did not disappoint with it’s carvings, sacrificial alters, and ancient soccer stadiums.  Since traveling to South America, I have seen the most famous cities by the ancient cultures: Chichen-itza (Mayan) and Machu Piccu (Incan).  All I need to do is visit Mexico city to see what the Aztecs were all about!  Lastly, no trip to the Yucatan peninsula is complete without scuba diving.  Although, I visited two places that I’ve already been before heading to Yal-ku Lagoon for the first time was totally worth it!  The water was a tad cold but the amount of different types of colorful fish was amazing.  The only thing I would not recommend is visiting the sea turtles.  This was my 2nd time visiting the tutle beach and it’s definitely not like it was 10 years ago.  All of the turtles are gone due to overtourism and you will not get your moneys worth.

Is anybody dreaming of a beach vacation during this pandemic?  I surely am which is why this is a perfect time to write about Tulum! Tulum is definitely a place that I could keep going to over and over again 🙂

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