IMG_2516Francesca is half-Black and half-Filipino and hails from Texas, USA.  Raghav aka Nelli is from Manipal, a South Indian town in Karnataka, India.  Francesca and Raghav met at their Silicon Valley workplace in June 2012 and slowly became friends.   A year later, Francesca decided they would be in a relationship.  3 blissful adventure-filled years later, Nelli decided they would be married at the base of a beautiful waterfall on a clear Icelandic night.  On their 4 year dating anniversary they were married before their closest family and friends.  This blog currently documents their journey through the trials and tribulations of being a multicultural couple and their world travels.  Our goal with this blog is to have a living story of our growth, to share our story with others, and to have a medium to remember our wonderful life.

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