Nelli’s Surprise Party

I can’t believe I pulled this off.  It was a potluck so everybody brought a vegetarian dish but I was still SO overwhelmed.  This was my first party at our apt so I wanted to make sure it was perfect.  Nelli hated celebrating his birthday so I had to make sure it was extra special.  I even bought a vegan cake!  First thing’s first, I had to get Nelli out of the house.  He is always extremely busy on the weekend so that wasn’t so hard.  Next, Gaurav came to jumpstart the barbecue…I have a charcoal grill which most people (including us) don’t know how to use but we managed through that.  I basically spent the whole day cooking 3 dishes which was totally unnecessary because. again. potluck.  but what did I know.  As guests started to arrive, I couldn’t even believe I hadn’t even taken a shower.  WOW.  I was in shorts and a t-shirt – such a gracious host.  I called Nelli and told him to run some errands because not everybody was there.  By the time Nelli, came we all got really quiet as he opened the door.  HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  He told everybody that he knew something was up though because I was cleaning our patio and the apartment a little too meticulously.  I’m glad he loved it but it will be a long time before I have another house party again and if I do, I’m ordering in 🙂


Upcycling Goals

Right now, me and Nelli are discussing our plans to move in together in 6 months.  It’s really exciting to discuss our future plans.  So you may be asking..ok so why is there a picture of a dresser?  Well, 1.) I’ve posted every picture of us 2.) it does tell a story. I bought this dresser my senior […]

Highway 1

Monterrey and big sur road trip during thanksgiving 2013. We were originally planning on going to Tahoe but Nelli needed to plan for going back to India. We decided to go on a road trip along highway 1 since that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. We headed out really late due to me…so not […]

Vegan Thanksgiving

First thanksgiving dinner together!  We scoured every recipe on vegan websites and went to Sprouts to pick up a boatload of ingredients the day of.  We had a four course meal which took approximately 5 hours to make.  Thank god we started early.  The courses were butternut squash with cranberry pear wild rice stuffing, maple […]