Top 4 Things to Do in Maui

  1.  Stay in Paia
  2. Road to Hana
  3. Mamas Fish House
  4. Haleakala Mountain

I have never been to Hawaii until I met Nelli.  I love that he keeps introducing me to new places, cultures, and mindsets.  I wonder if I have done the same for him?  Hmmm….

He had been to Hawaii before for a wedding and a race so he was excited to show me around.  We chose to go to Maui since we are nature and adventure lovers.  I loved the cute air bnb we stayed at in the city of Paia.  It was more of a locals town instead of the touristy resort side of the island.  Some of my favorite experiences from this trip was waking up at the crack of dawn to go up Haleakala mountain and watching the sunrise and then bike riding down and stopping at a lavender farm.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Jamaica

If Nelli wasn’t Indian he would be Jamaican.  As usual, this was his 2nd time going to Negril Jamaica as he had a previous trip there for a wedding.  He loves the weather, the food, and the Indian influence i.e. CRICKET!  Negril is an hour away from the touristy part of Montego Bay.  If I had any recommendations for Negril Jamaica, it would be to stay in the ROCKHOUSE HOTEL.  It is absolutely beautiful with 3 restaurants and a great view of the ocean cliffs.  The rooms are absolutely gorgeous with a private outside shower, YOGA classes and a full service spa.  It’s also on a road that has many different villas and restaurants if you want some more variety.  Dives was an amazing restaurant and I think we ate there more than once.  I absolutely love this hotel and I can’t wait to go back preferably in their romantic honeymoon villa (Hint..)

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Nelli’s Surprise Party

I can’t believe I pulled this off.  It was a potluck so everybody brought a vegetarian dish but I was still SO overwhelmed.  This was my first party at our apt so I wanted to make sure it was perfect.  Nelli hated celebrating his birthday so I had to make sure it was extra special.  I even bought a vegan cake!  First thing’s first, I had to get Nelli out of the house.  He is always extremely busy on the weekend so that wasn’t so hard.  Next, Gaurav came to jumpstart the barbecue…I have a charcoal grill which most people (including us) don’t know how to use but we managed through that.  I basically spent the whole day cooking 3 dishes which was totally unnecessary because. again. potluck.  but what did I know.  As guests started to arrive, I couldn’t even believe I hadn’t even taken a shower.  WOW.  I was in shorts and a t-shirt – such a gracious host.  I called Nelli and told him to run some errands because not everybody was there.  By the time Nelli, came we all got really quiet as he opened the door.  HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  He told everybody that he knew something was up though because I was cleaning our patio and the apartment a little too meticulously.  I’m glad he loved it but it will be a long time before I have another house party again and if I do, I’m ordering in 🙂

My Mother comes to town

What is up with all the family visits?  The next big event was my mum coming to town.  Her bff lives in the bay area and it was their high school reunion.  My mom would be staying with me for a couple days before she stayed with her friend.  My family had come to stay with me before…they drove all the way to SF to stay in my comfy little studio.  That was good times.  My mom expected to return to that quaint studio but little did she know that just a couple weeks earlier I had officially moved in with Nelli (gasp…).  I was so nervous on when to tell her that it wasn’t until I had picked her up from the airport and I drove past my old apt’s exit did I have the courage to say that I had moved and had a new “roommate”.  She exclaimed “NELLI?!?!” AND she said it in an excited tone.  This was just the beginning of her surprising reactions.

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California Dreamin

May was shaping up to be a pretty busy month.  After the fun-filled Seattle trip (sarcasm..jk) I think Nelli felt bad so he went into full planning mode for the memorial day wknd.  We were going to be taking my first official trip to Socal and I was beyond excited.  We rented a car and started our way down to the promise land bright and early.  Our first stop was Big Sur because it’s beautiful.  We went on a mini hike and saw the ever so popular beach with the baby waterfall haha.  We stayed the night in the dutch village Solvang which was the cutest town ever.  It’s crazy that people came to the US and built towns for their community to preserve their history and thrive.  Every restaurant, shop, and bakery felt authentic for the most part and the dutch architecture was so cool.  From Solvang, we went to Santa Barbara for breakfast and finally made it into San Diego.  I couldn’t tell you how much I loved that city.  I was ready to call my temecula contacts and ask when I could start my new job.  The weather was beautiful.  We stayed in this nice hotel in Coronado which had a lovely beach and a fun street with a bunch of restaurants.  We also went to La Jolla Cove which was another favorite with pretty ocean views, artistic local vendors, and so many seals.  We saw a lot of surfers and I definitely got the surfing itch again.  We met some of Nelli’s friends and surprisingly enough, I saw 2 of my friends from college in the Gas Lamp District.  crazy.  I think we only stayed overnight in San Diego which wasn’t nearly enough time to relax and explore the city.  I hope I can visit soon 🙂

Seattle Trip – Meeting Nelli’s Family

This was a pivotal turning point that was months in the planning that I was determined to make…the dreaded meet the parents meet-up.  Except for me the dread was magnified by a billion.  I was going up against a mother who had no idea I was coming (thanks Mr. Nelli and Nelli Jr.!) and was severely depressed ever since the news that her first born son wasn’t with an Indian.  I think I was determined because I wanted to prove that I was here to stay but I was also excited to meet the rest of the family.


Yeah the rest of the family. Brother and Brother’s Wife and Brother’s Wife’s Parents.  Brother and Brother’s wife were excited but they were mainly preoccupied with taking care of the parents and in-laws.  It was the parent’s first trip to the US and the Brother’s wife would be cooking all their meals….damn.  I was getting a feel for the brother’s wife and I was really feeling like I should up my homemaking skills.

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Downtown SF visit

Did something fun and different and went to the exploratorium! Enjoyed a little bit of San Francisco and saw the new bay bridge and went to the ferry building farmers market and ate at some of the restaurants. Nelli got some fancy coffee and I waited a lifetime for some exclusive humphry slocombe ice cream! Fun times