First Outing

First outing together and my first 5K – Sunnyvale CA October 2012…little did we know that 7 months later that we were going to be a couple.  We met at work..I know, so typical.  It’s funny because me and Nelli were at a bar once and I asked him if he would date anybody from work.  He gave me an unequivocal ‘NO’.  We always tease each other that those were his famous last words because I changed all that (more on that later).  We were both working on 2nd shift and our relationship started out as all the best ones do…as friendships…AWWWWW.  However, our story is anything but typical. I made this blog to chronicle the awesome-ness that is the relationship of Francesca and Nelli…sort of like an online scrapbook/journal. Enjoy!