100 Days till our Wedding! – Pt. 1

Wow….I can’t believe we are exactly 100 days till our wedding…we are entering the double digit countdown ahhh!!  It seems like it was just last April when we got engaged and we thought we had all the time in the world.  This past year or so, wedding planning has taught me so much about myself, Nelli, and how we work together as a team.  It’s been challenging and stressful to plan a wedding (ESPECIALLY a multicultural one) and I didn’t get it before but now I do.  Some of the key decisions that we made for our wedding are:

  1. What’s the definition of FUSION – We wanted ONE ceremony.  This was really important to me and Nelli.  A lot of fusion weddings have 2 ceremonies to celebrate each culture.  I really like that idea and think it’s a good way to incorporate everything but for me personally, it didn’t speak to me.   It was important to me to show our close friends and family that we are committed to blending our cultures in our marriage and we were going to showcase that through one ceremony.  We got a lot of doubters and I myself am working tirelessly to ensure that the ceremony script is seamless but I have a great feeling that it will turn out beautifully.  I think it’s also nice to have one ceremony, because we will be hand pick a few traditions that mean the most to us and have a significant message that we believe in.  I also love the fact that me and Nelli are working together to develop a script from scratch so it will truly be unique and represent who we are and what our union represents.  Lastly, the officiants will be family members and not priests or pastors and I think this is a great idea to make the overall ceremony more personal.

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My First Diwali

Our first Diwali 2013! We ended up eating at Nelli’s favorite Indian restaurant Dosa in San Francisco. I loved getting dressed up…Nelli first mentioned the idea of getting dresses up in traditional Indian clothing and then he kept on going back and forth. I even had to call dosa and ask for the dress code and promise to drive to SF so we wouldn’t look too out of place. Once the deal was struck we went to about 4 different Indian stores including a grocery store to complete my look. We decided against a saree because it was too last minute to learn how to wear one. The first store had good reviews but I couldn’t find anything I was in love with…a lot of the clothing looked too old school with a lot of beads. We went to another store down the street but the dresses that I was looking for were expensive. The sales lady pointed to me a different option and I chose a black anarkali with fuchsia and gold threading and teal accents…winning! I also got matching bangles and a bindi. Nelli, a self proclaimed saree master, was present and helpful through the entire process and gave me a seal of approval. I was so excited! We looked great! We arrived at the restaurant and I immediately liked the ambiance…dimly lit with warm colors and Indian designs on the wall. The venue even had a dj and free henna tattoo lady. The food was excellent we got the Diwali 3 course meal. I still remembered what I ate: spicy tandoori chicken bites, pumpkin dosa, and a lamb stew! We even got free dessert cause we had to move tables. This was an amazing night.