Why We Are Grateful For 2019

I'm starting to really look forward to these posts!  Not only is practicing gratitude a pillar of happiness but it's nice to look down memory lane over the past year and my previous posts reflecting on 2018 and 2017.  2019 is a little bit shorter than similar posts because I started school but each gratitude... Continue Reading →

Unforgettable Places to visit in Cartagena Colombia

Top 5 things to do in Cartagena Visit Palenque Go on a city/food tour with Colombia Connection Day beach trip to Islas de Rosario Eat at fantastic restaurants (Cande, La Cevicheria, La Vitrola) Stay at a boutique hotel (Casa del Coliseo) After hiking in Peru for 4 days last June 2018 (I'm late I know),... Continue Reading →

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