Highway 1

Monterrey and big sur road trip during thanksgiving 2013. We were originally planning on going to Tahoe but Nelli needed to plan for going back to India. We decided to go on a road trip along highway 1 since that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. We headed out really late due to me…so not […]


Archery lesson so much fun…I really want to continue doing this! Nelli got a deal for this and planned it for my birthday but we couldn’t do it until later. I think archery was fun because I was really good at it…Nelli was ok :p Nelli says he’s planning on setting up an archery target […]

My First Diwali

Our first Diwali 2013! We ended up eating at Nelli’s favorite Indian restaurant Dosa in San Francisco. I loved getting dressed up…Nelli first mentioned the idea of getting dresses up in traditional Indian clothing and then he kept on going back and forth. I even had to call dosa and ask for the dress code […]