The Best Way To Visit Cuba As a Solo Traveler

Top 5 things to do in Cuba

  1. Day trip to Vinales for eco farm hike and cigar farm
  2. Old Havana walking tour and salsa lesson
  3. Beach Day in Varadero
  4. Visit La Fabrica de Arte Cubano and other art studios
  5. Eat the delicious food and drink mojitos (my fav!) at your casa particular and restaurants (El Del Frente, Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso)

Cuba was definitely an eye opening trip for me!  There were things that I’ve never experienced before on a trip and the lessons learned definitely changed how I travel.  Cuba was my first semi solo trip and I was initially introduced to the opportunity via my favorite yoga teacher who did group trips to different parts of the world.  Although, she didn’t end up going, I still went because I was excited to visit the country.  I ended up in a group of about 10 people including the yoga teacher and owner of the company (Yoga&Adventures Worldwide) – everybody was from different parts of the US and from all different walks of life.  I was initially very shy at first but towards the end of the trip I think I opened up to people and the lack of internet really helped stay connect with everyone.  In Cuba, there is definitely ways to get on the internet via hotspots and internet cards but I pushed myself to stay present.

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Why We Are Grateful For 2019

I’m starting to really look forward to these posts!  Not only is practicing gratitude a pillar of happiness but it’s nice to look down memory lane over the past year and my previous posts reflecting on 2018 and 2017.  2019 is a little bit shorter than similar posts because I started school but each gratitude has had a greater impact.

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What I Learned From Visiting Kauai

Top 5 Things to Do in Kauai

  1. Visit Waimea Canyon  (Hike Canyon Trail)
  2. Visit Na pali State Park (Hike Kalalau Trail)
  3. Go on a boat tour/snorkeling (Book Captain Andys)
  4. Tour the indigenous sites via the Shaka Guide app
  5. Visit Kokee State Park and hike the Awa’awaphuhi Trail

If you ever consider going to Hawaii try going off the beaten path and visit the island of Kauai!  There are 3 main islands that tourists go to: O’ahu, Maui, and Kauai.  Maui where I have been is very similar to Kauai and is for nature and outdoorsy people but a little bit more crowded.  I have never been to O’ahu but I hear it’s very commercial and similar to SoCal.  As you can see, there are many options when visiting Hawaii  so I thought that creating this post was essential! For my top 5 things to do, we only actually did 3 out of 5 for reasons below and lack of time!  I had to come up with a dream itinerary this would be it if we had more time and things had gone perfectly.  We also did plenty of other things like coffee tours, farmers market, beach trips, and eating at some good restaurants.

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How to Navigate the Unknown in Banff

Top 5 Tips for Banff:

  1. Dress Warmly
  2. Research restaurants in advance
  3. See the National Visitor Center
  4. Stay in Canmore/Dead Mans Flats
  5. Go on the Teahouse hikes and visit Peyto Lake, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine

For our annual labor day hiking trip in 2018 we decided to hop across the border and go to Banff National Park.  Banff is located in Alberta which is close to Calgary, Canada and is about two hours north (flying) from the Bay area.  The last time I was in Canada was in college during a short Toronto conference so I was excited to see another side of the country.

Even though it was September which is normally very warm in California, Canada was an entirely different story!  The weather was so cold, I don’t think I’ve ever hiked in temperatures that low.  I brought a fleece, wool hat, light gloves and a waterproof jacket but I still should have packed warmer clothes!  It was so cold that during our hike I was afraid I was getting frostbite – my hands were so swollen and red that I took my rings off.  Please dress extremely warm!

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Unforgettable Places to visit in Cartagena Colombia

Top 5 things to do in Cartagena

  1. Visit Palenque
  2. Go on a city/food tour with Colombia Connection
  3. Day beach trip to Islas de Rosario
  4. Eat at fantastic restaurants (Cande, La Cevicheria, La Vitrola)
  5. Stay at a boutique hotel (Casa del Coliseo)

After hiking in Peru for 4 days last June 2018 (I’m late I know), Nelli and I knew we wanted to have a completely different experience (read: lazy beach bums).  I’ve always wanted to visit Cartagena after seeing pictures on travel blogs and I had/have a growing fascination of Black people’s experience outside of the USA.  I’m embarrassed to say that some of my introduction to AfroLatino culture came from Spanish soap operas like la Esclava blanca and Celia (Cuba post coming soon!).

Cartagena was considered in 2018 the next hot place to visit by Conde de Nast and the beautiful Instagram influencer pictures in front of the picturesque doors certainly don’t hurt it’s tourist industry either.  Boco Raton used to be the hot spot for rich people and tourists in Colombia – Cartagena was actually where the outcasts lived, it was literally a ghetto until gentrification (surprise!).Read More »

10 things I’m Grateful For In 2018 

I wrote this post in Cuba, what a great place to get inspired to pursue your creative outlets.  I pushed myself to spend my time reading, writing, doing yoga, and abstaining from all social media.  My mind became so clear regarding my goals for this year and I was able to reflect on 2018.

2018 was a busy year…Nelli and I celebrated our first year of marriage and we were fortunate enough to start new positions at our company.  We also found the time to spend time with each other, our friends and family by exploring the world! Here are our top 10 experiences (in no particular order).

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Traveling As An Asian Couple Is Easier Than You Think — How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch Feature

Being Asian, But Not Identifying With It

Fran:“I’m Black.”“Really? Are you mixed with something?”I get this response a lot when people ask me what I am and I’m prepared for this follow-up question. It’s kind of crazy that people you don’t even know can challenge you on your identity. Sometimes if I don’t feel mentally prepared…

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