Maui vs. Honolulu: Which Is Best For You?

My top 5 things to do:

  1. Stay in Paia
  2. Road to Hana
  3. Mamas Fish House
  4. Sunset/Bikeride in Haleakala Mountain
  5. Luau

I have never been to Hawaii until I met Nelli.  I love that he keeps introducing me to new places, cultures, and mindsets.  I wonder if I have done the same for him?  Hmmm….

He had been to Hawaii before for a wedding and a race so he was excited to show me around.  We chose to go to Maui since we are nature and adventure lovers.  I loved the cute air bnb we stayed at in the city of Paia.  It was more of a locals town instead of the touristy resort side of the island.  Some of my favorite experiences from this trip was waking up at the crack of dawn to go up Haleakala mountain and watching the sunrise and then bike riding down and stopping at a lavender farm.

We also did Road to Hana and saw some beautiful scenery along the way but I wish it hadn’t been raining.  We also went on a submarine tour which Nelli surprisingly stayed very calm for because he hates water (probably cause he was dry).  We also visited a coffee farm where they showed us around and then made us a delicious, fresh, organic breakfast.  One thing I want to do more of next time I go to Hawaii is relax at the beach for at least a half day.  Our itinerary was so full, that we stayed at the beach for maybe 30 minutes haha.  Of course, we went to a luau and saw some traditional dances, ate at a buffet and had some tasty drinks – it started raining again and so they thankfully gave us some ponchos and I went to a gift shop to buy some long sleeve shirts.  I would recommend bringing warm clothes and a jacket because Maui’s weather is so unpredictable and WET.  One of my favorite dinners was at Mama’s Fish House near Paia.  It is a very nice restaurant so make sure to get reservations.  They had a wonderful view of the beach and their drinks were tasty.  I’ll never forget this dinner because it was the first time I had ahi tuna and it was DELICIOUS.  Now, I get it every chance I get when I’m home.  I love discovering new things when I travel 🙂

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